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Exam Certification Board (ECB) 

In an effort to ensure that the RMWQAA is offering a valuable and relevant Certification to exhibit an Analyst's understanding within the lab and the field of Water Quality Analysis, we are developing a Board of highly esteemed individuals to oversee the continued development of the Certification Exam.  This Board will have responsibilities including, but not limited to:

  • Evaluating the applicability of the exam (structure, levels, topics, individual questions).   
  • Evaluate and establish methods for expanding the test into new municipalities.
  • Evaluate ways to improve the validity of the exam through TUs, PT, QA, retesting, etc…. 
  • Administer any programs that may be established. 
  • Work with Education Subcommittee to establish appropriate trainings to support the Certification Exam.































This board is intended to be composed of representatives from multiple aspects of the Water Quality Analysis field (academia, regulatory, industry, etc.). To establish this board, we will accept applications (see below) from anyone that feels they fit as a candidate to serve the ECB. These applications will be reviewed and board members will be voted upon and approved by the RMWQAA Board. This will be a relatively small board consisting of 5-7 people, ideally with an odd number so as to cast a tie breaking vote. Term limits and time commitment, as well as other pertinent information, can be viewed in Article 4 of the By-Laws (see below).


Initial Exam Certification Board proposal:

Proposal for Creation of a RMWQAA Certification Exam Board.docx

ECB By-Laws:



ECB Application.docx



Applications will be accepted up until August 17, 2018. Please send all applications to nlove@geiconsultants.com. Applicants will be reviewed and voted upon at the fourth quarter board meeting on October 11th. For  questions regarding the creation of the Exam Certification Board please feel free to contact  nlove@geiconsultants.com. 


We will have more information to come as we solidify this process in the coming months!


-Education Subcommittee


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