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Science Fair Fun - Inspire and Be Inspired

27 Aug 2019 6:00 PM | Natalie Love (Administrator)

Have you ever judged a science fair? Science fairs are held on levels from individual school fairs up to the state science fair.  I have been volunteering for several years now and I am always amazed at the ideas many young scientists are developing.  Science fair participants are budding young scientists and as a judge you can help them to improve their scientific method and investigative skills. Inspire them to be better researchers and problem solvers.

There is also an exchange of inspiration.  These are not the typical solar system model, lava volcano science fair projects that were presented in the days of old.  Many students are aware of issues we deal with in the world around us and they are looking for solutions.  Some of the projects from this year include:

  • Development of imaging tools used for medical diagnosis, faster MRI scanning;
  • A computer aided surgical tool for precision spinal surgery;
  • Studying the effects of antibiotics consumed by humans on resistance of E. coli in water systems.

Participant’s passion is displayed when they are explaining their projects.  The reward of seeing the twinkle in their eye, even when they know you don’t grasp all the information they are presenting.  A lot of time and energy are invested in the research for these projects and science fairs are not possible without judges. 

The new school year has started, and science fair season will begin soon as well.  If you have the opportunity, judge a science fair and share in fostering the next generation of scientists. 

By Adele Rucker

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