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The RMWQAA offers a $1,000 scholarship to students pursuing an education and career in the Water Quality field. Please review the application and submit your reasoning for why you should be selected to receive this educational assistance. Any questions can be answered by Lindie Aragon or Zach Dahlgren at laragon@cityofwestminster.us and zach.dahlgren@greelygov.com respectively.


To Access the 2017/18 RMWQAA Scholarship Application click below:


scholarship app.doc


Meet the 2016 RMWQAA Scholarship Winner


Hello, my name is Ronnie Victor. I am a full time student at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood where I am currently working on my BAS degree in the Water Quality Management program. I grew up on the tropical island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, but after meeting my wife (a Colorado native), moved here in 2011. We currently live in Wiggins, Colorado with our three girls Mya (5) Ellie (3) and Tessa (2). My commute to campus is 75 miles each way, but thanks to scholarships like this one, my little family has been able to continue this journey to further my education and better our future. When I’m not on campus or at home buried in my textbooks, I’m “Mr. Mom” as my wife says to our daughters while she works as a dental hygienist to support us during this time. I don’t have much free time but when I do, I enjoy being outside, reading a book, or catching up on sports highlights.


My interest in the water field began back home in Trinidad where I was a power plant operator. Part of our responsibilities in the plant was to treat the water used to power/cool the steam turbines. When I moved to the States in 2011, I found myself in the oil field. Although there is a water treatment process in that field too, I mainly worked in the pump shop and chemical barn. After I was laid off in 2015 I decided, now as a US citizen, I wanted a career and not just another job and so my educational journey began at Red Rocks Community College. Eventually I would love to be able to give back in some way to those that are living in places where people in our present day and age are dying from unclean water. Although I’m not sure where my career will take me, I’m very excited to be a part of the water community and feel like this is a field that is very much needed and will be ever evolving in the future.


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